21 Sep 2023

New partnership: Global Ties Miami

Global Ties Miami co-organizer of the Music Diplomacy Week

Global Ties Miami is a nonprofit organization based in Miami, Florida, which plays a crucial role in fostering international relationships. The organization is a part of the Global Ties U.S. network and have been serving the community since 1959. Global Ties Miami strive to create a more peaceful, prosperous world by advancing international understanding, connections, and cultural exchange. 

As a network of local and international citizen diplomats who help make South Florida a more culturally inclusive home, Global Ties Miami members come from a diverse background of professions that include entrepreneurs, human rights advocates, environmentalists, law enforcement, government officials, and more.

The organization engages with communities and shares learning opportunities in order to help promote diplomacy that will in turn better our community and the world.

In September 2023 Global Ties Miami joined us as co-organizer of the Music Diplomacy Week program, a Pan-American exchange program that aims to promote intercultural understanding through music. 

The Music Diplomacy Week will take place in Miami bringing together musicians and singers from different countries of the Americas, for an intense week of co-creative sessions of song writing, music business master classes, academic counseling, and cultural visits that will also expose the participants to the vibrant Miami local culture.


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