11 Oct 2023

New partnership: Florida State University

Florida State University Center for Music of the Americas join us for the Music Diplomacy Week.

Florida State University, has one of the largest College of Music of the U.S. with some of the best traditional music programs. The Florida State University Center for Music of the Americas promotes the scholarship, performance, and dissemination of musics found in the American Hemisphere, from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Circle. It facilitates initiatives within the College of Music, across the University, between FSU and the sister institution FAMU, and throughout the North Florida community through partnerships with a diversity of local artists, venues, and institutions.

Although the Center’s role within the College of Music is not confined to any specific area, its aims align closely with the primary objectives of the Musicology program, the cross-cultural Music Education curriculum, and the numerous performing ensembles active within the College. To this end, the Center curates and supports a number of initiatives that engage with the breadth and depth of global music traditions here in the American South and Caribbean and the people who practice them.

In September 2023 the Florida State University Center for Music of the Americas joined us for the Music Diplomacy Week program, a Pan-American exchange program that aims to promote intercultural understanding through music. 

The Music Diplomacy Week will take place in Miami bringing together musicians and singers from different countries of the Americas, for an intense week of co-creative sessions of song writing, music business master classes, academic counseling, and cultural visits that will also expose the participants to the vibrant Miami local culture.


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